Meet the Experts 2017

No excuse left in the EU/EEA, to leave hidden € Billions in enterprise balance sheets unused!

The EU / EEA potential of hidden assets and cost savings are quoted by qualified estimates as several € Billion per year. Just Microsoft volume license potential is quoted about one € Billion per year. For used IT hardware it’s common practice to sell or buy it. Start now to do the same with second hand software. Otherwise you miss to capitalize unused assets or save considerable money!

Take the opportunity and get the latest update how to improve your budget or balance sheet via second hand software. You will get high quality information and feedback in local language from top experts such as legal advisors, ReLicense AG second hand software experts, Software Asset Management-Consultants, Software-Auditors and local clients presenting their cases. Have a look at the following events. As confirmed ReLicense AG is compliant with EU and national law since start in 2008!

Target audience: CxOs and managers from or interested in finance, IT and legal.   

Date Country City Events Agenda Registration Summary
23rd-25th Jan 2017 Germany Munich Strategic IT-Management 2017 Agenda Register Summary
16th-17th Feb 2017 Germany Hamburg Hamburg IT-strategy days 2017 Agenda Register Summary
6th-7th Mar 2017 Germany Berlin SAMS Germany/Austria/Switzerland 2017 Agenda Register Summary
21th Mar 2017 Netherlands s‘-Hertogenbosch IT & Software Asset Management Agenda Register Summary
23rd Mar 2017 Germany Cologne Second hand software – an alternative? Agenda Register Summary
30th Mar 2017 Sweden Stockholm Second hand market for licenses Agenda Register Summary
25th-26th Sep 2017 Germany Berlin SAMS Europe 2017 Agenda Register Summary

Meet the Experts 2015

The positive results of ‚Meet the Experts‘ in Italy and Poland was above anyone’s expectations:

  • We had in 6 cities 148 attendees from companies
  • Ca. 90% of the attendees ranked all session between good and excellent

For refresh or further information’s of attendees, registrants which couldn’t attend and others, please find some impressions, videos, presentations and text in Italian and Polish:


Date Country City Location Agenda
13th October 2015 Poland Warszawa Marriott Hotel Agenda
15th October 2015 Poland Katowice Qubus Hotel Agenda
20th October 2015 Italy Padova Sheraton Hotel Agenda
21st October 2015 Italy Bologna Royal Hotel Carlton Agenda
22nd October 2015 Italy Roma Sheraton Hotel Agenda
29th October 2015 Italy Catania Sheraton Hotel Agenda


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