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Our name is our mission. We re-license software via compliant reassignment of licenses between enterprises. We enable companies to buy what they need at favorable prices and release money tied up in unused licenses. 

Not relieving your IT budget via second hand software is a missed cost saving opportunity! The Court of Justice of the European Union has removed at 3. July 2012 any remaining uncertainty and doubt.  We buy and sell volume licenses worldwide, OEM licenses in EU and EFTA countries. Undisputed since our foundation in 2008.

ReLicense AG transfers / reassigns perpetual Microsoft and SAP volume license assets in
compliance with licensing agreements and/or legal requirements. Microsoft OEM licenses are transferred based upon and compliant with the European Software Directive and applied local law, accredited by several national Federal Supreme Court (2000) and the European Court of Justice (2012) rulings. Compliance policy

Our second hand license transfers are compliant with the prevailing international legal norm, “there is no bona fide purchase of licenses”.

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Approximately EUR is the yearly worldwide commercial benefit for users of compliant second hand software. ReLicense AG is solely engaged in compliant business to business (B2B) second hand Microsoft and SAP licenses. 

Companies can purchase exactly what their business requires at discounted prices and utilize financial resources tied up in unused software licenses.

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ReLicense AG is dedicated to Microsoft and SAP licenses, business to business (B2B) only. We couldn’t assert our claim – competence, facts, compliance. – by focusing on more software vendors. 

If you need or have unused Office, Windows, Exchange, SQL, etc.,  SAP R3-, mySAP Business-, mySAP ERP user, or other Microsoft or SAP licenses:

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Compliant second hand software is an additional degree of freedom for license management and procurement. In terms of cost savings for needed licenses or tied up financial resources in unused licenses. 

Advantages of second hand software apply to additional demand, migration, non compliance with license agreement, unused licenses, software upgrade, pre-requisites like qualified operating systems, etc.

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